Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Hampshire/Maine – 2009 – Part 2

Location: Sunday River, ME, USA

The bus stopped for a break in North Conway, NH, and the few of us left got off to stretch our legs. While we were out there, I met Issac. He was traveling to Gorham and then was heading East to Sunday River. He told me that he was heading to his uncle’s condo for a month of relaxation and skiing. We talked along the way and eventually invited me to come hang out at the condo. I quickly agreed and we started planning how we were going to get to Sunday River. Eventually, the bus reached it’s final stop in Gorham, NH. From there, we had to hitch hike 22 miles to Sunday River. Almost immediately, I scored us a ride with Brianna. She lived on the state line and said she would take us that far. We hopped in and took off. Along the way, we convinced her to take us all the way to Sunday River. She pulled into a bar called the Matterhorn Ski Bar and we got out. After not very much prodding, she agreed to join us for a beer. So, we ordered some drinks and sat down. There was a pretty good band playing and it looked like it was shaping up to be a good night. After one drink, Brianna decided to head home. So, we unloaded our gear and stashed it behind the bar. From there, we continued drinking and dancing with the few girls present. I felt like I was still in Kingston, except for the constant worry that my boots would break someone’s leg.

Figure 1: A bad picture of Issac and I at The Matterhorn.

Figure 2: The band.

Last call rolled around and we decided to head out. Issac claimed that the condo was really close to the bar, so we started walking. It was a long haul to get there. Lot’s of slips, falls, hills and six miles later, we finally arrived at his condo (aptly located on Alpine Terrace). We made some of my soup and went to bed. The bed is extremely comfortable, I have a room to myself and it is warm. Basically, it is much better than the snow hole I had planned on sleeping in. I am looking forward to exploring the area tomorrow.

Figure 3: The walk.

Figure 4: The Condo.

Figure 5: The bed. Better than a snow hole.

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