Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Hampshire/Maine – 2009 – Part 3

Location: Sunday River, ME, USA

Today, I slept in. The bed was extremely comfortable, the condo was warm and I had traveled a long distance the day before. Eventually, I dragged myself out of bed and went downstairs. A few minutes later, Issac joined me and we made our plan for the day. We planned on heading to the ski resort to check out the skiing. So, we started walking. We got picked up by a local doctor who thought we were Chilean migrant workers. He was just looking for someone interesting to talk to. He drove us all the way to the resort. There we discovered lift tickets were incredibly expensive, we would have to rent skis and the runs weren’t that great – needless to say, we decided against skiing.

Figure 1: Me near a skiing bear.

We left the ski hill via the resort shuttle and headed into the town of Bethel. It consists of a very high end (ritzy) private school, a grocery store and a taco shop. So, we toured around the school, bought groceries for dinner and ate a taco for lunch. We started making our way back to the condo. The shuttle could take us within six miles of it and from there we started walking. Eventually a car slowed down and we thought we were getting a ride, but it kept going. Then it stopped about 100m away and gunned it in reverse. The lady in it said she was only going a short distance and was in a hurry. So, we hopped in and she drove us as far as she could, which was to the driveway of the condo.

Figure 2: The condo.

Once back at the condo, we cooked up the steaks and ate a delicious dinner. Now, I am just looking forward to finally moving on tomorrow.

Figure 3: The steaks.

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