Wednesday, April 29, 2009

West Virginia Trip – Part 8 – The Hellbender Burrito

---- Current location – The Gendarme Climbing School, Seneca Rocks, WV, USA - Temp: ~18DegC ----

Hi everyone. Unfortunately, there has not been much of interest going on in the past couple of days.

Yesterday, I decided to head up to the cliff by myself and practice some anchoring techniques. So, I loaded up my pack and started the trek up to the East Face. Along the way, I ran into Andrew. So, we hooked up and decided to walk up and see what we could see. It was a long, long, walk up. We got a little confused with the route and had to rope up for the last portion, but that was OK. Once we arrived on the ledge we were looking for, we ran into Enis and Estevan (a German and Hungarian), who were climbing a 5.10 up there. Once they had a top rope set up, we both attempted it and fell off (oh well). Once they took it down, they were done for the day. We decided to pack it in, as well, since it was so HOT (30degC+). So, we walked along the ledge and double rope rappelled all the way off.

Today, it was pouring rain all day. So, I hung out at the shop, pretty much all day. We then drove to Davis, WV, for a burrito at a place called Hellbender Burritos. It was delicious. Then we hit up a grocery store.

Like I said, the past two days have been highly uneventful. Hopefully the pace around here will increase when The Dans arrive, plus there is the Cinco de Mayo party this weekend.

Just because I don’t have any good pictures, here are the past few meals I have eaten ;).

Figure 1 - Steak cooked on the coals, with corn.

Figure 2 - Steak fried with mushrooms.

Figure 3 – Me going stir crazy with no one around and nothing to do.

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