Monday, August 3, 2009

Beerville, ON

The past few days have been excellent. Here is the story of my last Thursday.

I had Thursday off, so I met up with my friend Sam around 1PM at Tir na Nog. We had a beer and then took off to downtown for an adventure. The first sign we saw said “Tour Guide on Duty – Free”. Naturally, we went in. Our tour of City Hall could not have been better. Our tour guide took us through the building, told us all about the history of Kingston, showed us the mayoral portraits, etc. We went into the legislative hall, saw the old prison in the basement and got our picture taken in front of City Hall. It was a ton of fun.

Figure 1: Sam and I in front of the Tour Guide sign

Figure 2: Sam and I behind the Mayor's desk

Figure 3: Sam and I in front of City Hall

Once we finished our epic tour of City Hall, we went to Trailhead. Sam had broken his sunglasses and needed a new pair. There, we linked up with Nicola. We were going to go to Fort Henry, but she had a doctor’s appointment. So, we went to The Gap to find Danielle. She had to work, but on the way there, we ran into Tom. Tom, Sam and I headed to Coronaville and began our afternoon in luxury. We sat on the waterfront patio, drinking beer and eating wings for several hours, building up an excellent burn around my neck. From Coronaville, I went to my friend Leif’s place for a barbecue. I hung out with a bunch of friends, had GREAT food, chatted and eventually worked my way back downtown.

Figure 4: Sam, Nicola and I trying on sunglasses at Trailhead

Figure 5: Sam, Tom and I at Coronaville

Once downtown, I went to the climbing gym to meet up with some people for the evening. They didn’t make it, but I did meet up with my friend Josuel. He was buying a t-shirt for our friend Arnaud as a going away present. Apparently, there was a “going away” dinner for him that night (he is returning to France after 2 years in Kingston). So, I sold him the shirt and headed to the dinner at Lonestar, or more accurately – Margaritaville. Which means, I spent most of my day at both Coronaville and Margaritaville. We arrived at Lonestar, everyone was already there, except Arnaud. Of course, in his usual style, he showed up an hour later. He enjoyed the t-shirt, especially because it was in a bag that looked like a sunflower. We had dinner and dispersed.

Figure 6: Arnaud's "going away" dinner at Margaritaville

Nicola, Andrew and I headed out to the Merchant for some cheap wings and beer. This didn’t last very long. The wings were very filling and we had too many, the music was too loud and the beer was expensive. We migrated out to the patio, so we could at least hear each other. Soon, we moved on to the Brass. By this point, I had run out of money and energy. Contrary to my usual style, I bailed early and went home to sleep. All in all, though, it was a great day.

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