Tuesday, May 5, 2009

West Virginia Trip – Part 11 – The End

---- Current location – My Parent’s Condo, Norfolk, VA, USA - Temp: ~17DegC ----

I am sitting in a warm condo, looking out over the beach, writing this. It is a very different setting than the place I woke up in yesterday morning. I had to leave West Virginia several days earlier, due to logistical problems getting back to Kingston in time to leave for Phase Three Infantry.

The past couple of days in West Virginia were very rainy. It rained harder than it has my whole trip and climbing was definitely not possible. So, The Dans and I drove into Elkins, WV, on Sunday for lunch and a movie. We ate at “Scottie’s Hamburgers”, a greasy, greasy, spoon. I had the roast turkey sandwich, a monochromatic turkey, mashed potato, white bread and gravy concoction. We then moved on to the movie theatre and saw the new X-men movie. It was terrible. So terrible, it was funny. When the movie ended, we grabbed some groceries and headed home.

Figure 1 - Scottie's Hamburgers.

Once arriving home, we started building a fire. Everything was soaked, however, so we just poured Naptha all over it, lit it, and it eventually dried out. We had the best fire of the entire trip. Then we cooked dinner, a delicious curry. I cooked a turkey leg on the coals and we threw that in, as well. Geoff, a guy who is on a 6 month climbing trip, joined us for dinner and scrabble. It was fun.

Figure 2 - The turkey leg, on the coals and in a beer can reflector.

The next day (Monday), we drove the hour back to Elkins, so we could have breakfast at Scottie’s (we regretted not getting breakfast the day before). We immediately headed back, as I was being picked up at noon. My Dad came to get me and we went back to Norfolk, VA, together. Once there, we ate dinner, watched TV, etc. I then slept in a bed for the first time in a few weeks – it was pretty good … I guess.

Figure 3 - Across from my parent's place.

Figure 4 - On the beach, this morning.

Now, I am just sorting out stuff for the rest of my summer, the Infantry course, other work, school, etc. I am also hoping to spend some time on the beach (if the weather gets better) and see some old friends. I hope you have all enjoyed the blog – look out for the epilogue.

Figure 5 - Obligatory foot in sand/water picture.

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